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Handmade Wooden Cover: The Legend Of Zelda
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Handmade Wooden Cover: The Legend Of Zelda

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Guarantees & Materials


Made in France

Unique piece made by hand

Linden wood from France

Ultra protective glossy varnish

Dimensions: Height 22 cm - Width 16 cm

The Legend Of Zelda

Release date in France: November 15, 1987

Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Editor: Nintendo

Genre: Action-Adventure

Number of units sold: 6.51 million


Decorate your gaming space with a new version of your favorite games. Compare the iconic images of the original covers with our handcrafted wooden reproductions and let yourself be surprised by the magic of nostalgia.

Memory Carved™ Version
Classic Version

Breeding Details

Discover the care given to each of our creations

An exceptional wood

Our choice of premium basswood ensures the durability and beauty of each piece.

Realistic Reproduction

Every detail is carefully cut to capture the essence of the covers of your favorite retro games.

Glowing Finish

Our specially chosen protective varnishes enhance the original colors and details, providing a breathtaking result.

French quality and craftsmanship

A creation process that guarantees the quality of your decorative object at each stage of the process

Ultra Precise Laser Cutting

We use state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to precisely cut the different wooden parts needed for each piece.

Every detail is carefully tailored to capture the essence of the game boxes of our childhood!

Smooth and Neat Finish

After laser cutting, each wooden part undergoes an expert sanding process.

This step ensures smooth, even surfaces, preparing the wood for the next step.

Meticulous Varnishing

We meticulously apply layers of varnish to each cut part.

This step adds depth and highlights colors and details in a dazzling way, bringing each element of the reproduction to life.

Artisanal Assembly

We then assemble each part by hand, one by one to ensure total precision.

The final assembly reveals the magic of nostalgia, creating a work of art ready to display in your space!